About Me


My name is Erika Kebeck and I am the mother of three children, all of whom were born with the help of midwives. My journey to helping families during the process of pregnancy and childbirth began when I witnessed a home birth at age 16. Since then I have had a growing desire and passion to support women and their families during this exciting but often challenging time in their lives. While I believe that birth is a natural process, I realize that every woman’s needs and desires for birth are different. I will support whatever birth preference my client has.

I have received my training and certification through DONA International, and will strive to stay current in the pregnancy and birth field. I plan to add to my skills in order to better serve my clients.

I have experience supporting women with VBAC, C-Section delivery, preeclampsia, forceps delivery, natural/unmedicated birth, and epidurals.

I was certified as a Doula on June 14, 2011 by Dona International.