What is a Doula?

The Word “Doula” comes from the Greek and means ” a woman who serves.

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A birth doula is a woman who provides physical, emotional, and informational support for women and their partners during labor and birth. She is trained and experienced in childbirth, and can provide continuous reassurance and support during the labor process. The doula can also provide physical comfort by giving advice and help on laboring positions, movement, breathing, and relaxation.

The doula’s goal is to help the woman have the safe satisfying birth that she desires. A doula’s presence may lessen or help delay a woman’s need for pain medication. If the woman chooses to use pain medication, the doula can still be helpful. She can provide information and help maximize the benefits while minimizing the undesirable side effects of pain medication. Regardless of whether o not the woman decides to use pain medication, the doula’s comfort and reassurance are beneficial.